Source Code

We use Git for version control. You can browse our repository in your web browser. The development of the Flex SDK is done on branches and merged on 'develop' branch, while release candidates are done on the 'release' branch and merged to the 'master' for the production releases, see A successful Git branching model for more details.

For further information see the Git Tutorials & Training page. Committers need to properly configure their git client and know the Suggested Practices.

Getting the source code

If you are looking for the cutting edge development branch of the Flex SDK:

git clone flex-sdk
cd flex-sdk
git checkout develop

You will also need:
git clone flex-tlf

See the README at the root of the sdk for further details on how to set it up.

If you are looking for the FlexJS™ SDK:

git clone flex-asjs

If you are looking for the Flex "Falcon" Compiler:

git clone flex-falcon

If you are looking for the TLF Project:

git clone flex-tlf

If you are looking for FlexUnit:

git clone flex-flexunit

If you are looking for BlazeDS:

git clone flex-blazeds

If you are looking for the Apache Flex SDK Installer or the Apache Flex SDK Maven Converter Project:

git clone flex-utilities

Apache Flex SDK Automated Testing Libraries

We use FlexUnit for unit testing.

We use Mockolate for mocks and test spies in unit tests. Read more about Mockolate on the project homepage.

We use Mustella for functional testing of the SDK. You can find more information on the Wiki page.

Browse the repositories

If you would like to browse the project progress before downloading the source code, you can do that using the Apache Fisheye instance.