IContentLoader Provides custom image/content loader for BitmapImage instances.
 IDisplayText The IDisplayText interface defines the properties and methods for simple text display.
 IEditableText The IEditableText interface defines the properties and methods for editable text.
 IGraphicElement The IGraphicElement is implemented by IVisualElements that take advantage of the parent IGraphicElementContainer DisplayObject management.
 IGraphicElementContainer The IGraphicElementContainer is the minimal contract for a container class to support IGraphicElement children.
 IProxiedStageTextWrapper This interface defines properties for mobile wrapper classes of StageText that need to handle touch scrolling and soft keyboard.
 ISharedDisplayObject The ISharedDisplayObject interface defines the minimum requirements that a DisplayObject must implement to be shared between IGraphicElement objects.
 IViewport The IViewport interface is implemented by components that support a viewport.
 ContainerDestructionPolicy AIR-only The ContainerCreationPolicy class defines the constant values for the destructionPolicy property of spark view classes.
 ContentCache Provides a caching and queuing image content loader suitable for using a shared image cache for the BitmapImage and spark Image components.
 ContentRequest Represents an IContentLoader content request instance returned from IContentLoader's load() method.
 DisplayObjectSharingMode The DisplayObjectSharingMode class defines the possible values for the displayObjectSharingMode property of the IGraphicElement class.
 MaskType The MaskType class defines the possible values for the maskType property of the GraphicElement class.
 NavigationUnit The NavigationUnit class defines the possible values for the getVerticalScrollPositionDelta() and getHorizontalScrollPositionDelta() methods of the IViewport class.
 SpriteVisualElement The SpriteVisualElement class is a light-weight Sprite-based implemention of the IVisualElement interface.