IEditManager IEditManager defines the interface for handling edit operations of a text flow.
 IInteractionEventHandler The IInteractionEventHandler interface defines the event handler functions that are handled by a Text Layout Framework selection or edit manager.
 ISelectionManager The ISelectionManager interface defines the interface for handling text selection.
 EditingMode The EditingMode class defines constants used with EditManager class to represent the read, select, and edit permissions of a document.
 EditManager The EditManager class manages editing changes to a TextFlow.
 ElementRange The ElementRange class represents the range of objects selected within a text flow.
 SelectionFormat The SelectionFormat class defines the properties of a selection highlight.
 SelectionManager The SelectionManager class manages text selection in a text flow.
 SelectionState The SelectionState class represents a selection in a text flow.
 TextClipboard The TextClipboard class copies and pastes TextScrap objects to and from the system clipboard.
 TextScrap The TextScrap class represents a fragment of a text flow.