The open-source framework for building expressive web and mobile applications


Apache Flex® is completely open-source. Apache Flex® is an Apache project, and is released under the Apache License, version 2.0, so you know it is compatible with your business needs. Plus, it is backed by the Apache Community for updates, support and help.

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Desktop & Mobile Apps

Build applications that target all browsers by leveraging the Adobe Flash Player and JavaScript, make desktop application by leveraging the Adobe Integrated Runtime (Adobe AIR) or create powerful, cross-platform mobile applications that target Apple iPods, iPhones, iPads, Android based smartphones and tablets, and Blackberry Playbook devices.

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Flex Showcase

A selection of the many desktop and mobile applications written with Flex.

Proud of your Flex application? You can easily submit a request to have it shown here.

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Utilize the tools you are already familar with. Apache Flex® utilizes MXML for layout and AS3 (an ECMAScript based language like JavaScript) for coding. Use the Eclipse-based IDEs like Adobe Flash Builder and FDT or use IntelliJ IDEA or any text editor to make your applications.

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Learn Flex® :

Apache FlexJS Component Architecture‎

An article on the FlexJS Component Architecture, and how to write your own components. This article is written in spanish.

The Flex in a Week Series

The Flex in a Week training series consists of videos and exercises to teach experienced programmers how to program using the Flex 4.5 framework and Flash Builder 4.5. To gain the most from this series, watch the videos and complete the exercises in the order in which they are listed.

Flex In A Week Video Series

The Flex in a Week video training course will help you understand how you can leverage the open source Flex framework to build RIAs. To make it easier for you to learn Flex, you will use the Eclipse-based Flash Builder 4.5 development tool, which includes the Flex framework and provides features such as intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of the user layout.

Building interactive maps with Flex

It has never been easier to build interactive online maps with Flex. There is a wide range of APIs now available. The focus of this article is building a simple map application using the open-source Modest Maps Flex API. Modest Maps offers a number of advantages over other Flex mapping APIs including the ability to point at multiple basemap providers and direct access to the source code.

Latest News:


Apache FlexJS 0.0.1 and Apache Flex FalconJX 0.0.1 Released

Apache FlexJS is a next-generation Flex SDK that enables developers to use MXML and ActionScript to not only create SWFs but also cross-compile the same MXML and ActionScript to HTML/JS/CSS so applications can run natively in browsers. Apache Flex FalconJX is a next-generation MXML and ActionScript cross-compiler. Read More Here


Apache Flex FlexUnit 4.2.0 Released

Apache Flex FlexUnit is a JUnit style testing framework for Apache Flex applications. This is the first release of Apache Flex FlexUnit under the Apache Foundation. Read More Here


Apache Flex 4.12.0 Released

Apache Flex 4.12.0 was released, and adds support for the latest Flash Player and AIR runtimes, improved memory and performance, improved mobile skins and iOS7 support and over 80 bug fixes. Install it now, or Read More Here


Apache Flex 4.11.0 Released

Apache Flex 4.11.0 was released, and includes many new web and mobile features and bug-fixes. Click download above to install, or Read More Here


Apache Flex 4.10.0 Released

Apache Flex 4.10.0 was released, and includes many new features and bug-fixes. Click download above to install, or Read More Here


Apache Flex SDK Installer 2.5 Released

Apache Flex SDK Installer 2.5 was released, and includes UI updates and numerous bug-fixes. Click download above to install, or Read More Here


Apache Flex 4.9.1 Released

Apache Flex 4.9.1 was released, and includes minor updates and bug-fixes. Click download above to install, or Read More Here


SDK Installer 2.0 Released

Apache Flex SDK Installer was released, and is now internationalized in addition to allowing you to download Apache Flex 4.9.0 Read More


Apache Flex 4.9.0 Released

Apache Flex 4.9.0 was released, and includes bug fixes, new components and much more. Read More


Apache Flex becomes an Apache TLP

The Apache Governence Board has voted to allow Apache Flex to graduate out of incubation. Read More