IFormatter This interface specifies the method that a formatter object must implement to allow it to be used as the formatter property for UI controls such as the AdvancedDataGridColumn.
 CurrencyFormatter The CurrencyFormatter class formats a valid number as a currency value.
 DateBase The DateBase class contains the localized string information used by the mx.formatters.DateFormatter class and the parsing function that renders the pattern.
 DateFormatter The DateFormatter class uses a format String to return a formatted date and time String from an input String or a Date object.
 Formatter The Formatter class is the base class for all data formatters.
 NumberBase The NumberBase class is a utility class that contains general number formatting capabilities, including rounding, precision, thousands formatting, and negative sign formatting.
 NumberBaseRoundType The NumberBaseRoundType class defines the constant values for formatter properties that specify a type of rounding.
 NumberFormatter The NumberFormatter class formats a valid number by adjusting the decimal rounding and precision, the thousands separator, and the negative sign.
 PhoneFormatter The PhoneFormatter class formats a valid number into a phone number format, including international configurations.
 SwitchSymbolFormatter The SwitchSymbolFormatter class is a utility class that you can use when creating custom formatters.
 ZipCodeFormatter The ZipCodeFormatter class formats a valid number into one of the following formats, based on a user-supplied formatString property.