IFlowComposer IFlowComposer defines the interface for managing the layout and display of a text flow.
 ISWFContext The ISWFContext interface allows a SWF file to share its context with other SWF files that load it.
 IVerticalJustificationLine The IVerticalJustificationLine interface defines the methods and properties required to allow the vertical justification of text lines.
 BaseCompose Common composer base class
 FlowComposerBase The FlowComposerBase class is the base class for Text Layout Framework flow composer classes, which control the composition of text lines in ContainerController objects.
 FlowDamageType The FlowDamageType class is an enumeration class that defines types of damage for damage methods and events.
 StandardFlowComposer The StandardFlowComposer class provides a standard composer and container manager.
 TextFlowLine The TextFlowLine class represents a single line of text in a text flow.
 TextFlowLineLocation The TextFlowLineLocation class is an enumeration class that defines constants for specifying the location of a line within a paragraph.
 TextLineRecycler The TextLineRecycler class provides support for recycling of TextLines.